About Carthage Family Radio

About Us

Carthage Family Radio is a ministry to Carthage Tennessee, Smith County, and the surrounding areas. It was a few years ago that the FCC opened a window for anyone interested to file for an FM frequency. Cornerstone Baptist Church “put out the fleece” while praying and asking the Lord to do that which was good in His sight. In due time, and for His glory, the approval was granted. With much work to be done, the saints continued praying while others began the process of building a radio station with all the physical and technological aspects of such a task. Soon, early January 2016, the station was officially launched. The overall goal for Carthage Family Radio is to provide a Christian Radio Station which will be “family friendly” with much traditional music and Bible believing preaching along with a variety of God honoring programs. It is our desire to strengthen and encourage the people of God while striving to be a good witness to our community. For any good that may result, all glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. He alone is worthy.